What is Hanna Somatic Education?

Hanna Somatic Education is a gentle and powerful guided self-exploration of each body’s unique blueprint for self-healing and resolving pain.

Each person has a unique physical, emotional and spiritual history. Every day most of us move through pain, whether it is getting up from a desk or bending to pick something up. This pain is often caused by the way our body has reflexively armored itself against surgeries, broken bones, sprains and emotional wounds. Instead of ignoring these tense and painful places, Hanna Somatic Education addresses these states by bringing mindfulness to a guided self-exploration of small bodily movements in the core or the body, accessing the soma’s self-contained biofeedback loop, activating the body’s innate powers of self-healing to release tension and therefore pain. The mind/body intuitively uses this new information to make the nano connections and subtle corrections it craves to unlock the body’s natural wisdom for self-healing and release of stuck energy.

Rather than strive to master a particular form of physical practice, Hanna Somatic Education seeks to empower the practitioner to awaken to his or her own body’s innate wisdom. The ultimate goal is to feel better on one’s own terms, rather than perfecting any special skills; the skill we hone is a deep appreciation and respect for our lives through exploration of our bodies, the sacred temple of the ninth conciousness.

The benefits from Hanna Somatic Education may include improved energy, vitality, posture, balance, grounding, memory, breathing, intuition, sleep, clarity of perception, sense of well-being, decreased pain and that confidence the comes from listening to one’s body.

Who would benefit from Hanna Somatic Education?

Everyone can benefit from Hanna Somatic Education, especially those who use their bodies for work: dancers, athletes, construction workers, singers, anyone working at a desk most of the day and those suffering from residual chronic aches and pains from previous injuries sustained as the result of a fall, motor vehicle accident, surgery, radiation treatment, emotional trauma.

Is there anyone who should not try Hanna Somatic Education?

Hanna Somatic Education is not a substitute for medical treatment. In cases of injury or acute distress of the body, a person should seek immediate and appropriate medical care. Once the problem has stabilized, Hanna Somatic Education has proven helpful, even when other modalities have been exhausted.



Testimonial ~

     “After experiencing twenty years of neck pain that was severe enough to trigger migraines, and after trying all kinds of treatments including chiropractic, acupuncture, and physical therapy, I finally found permanent relief in Hanna Somatics. The time I spent learning the postures was such a pleasure; it’s still hard to believe that it’s led to pain-free living.

     Now, instead of trying to stretch and pull the tension out of my muscles, which only made them tighten more, I have learned to move gently in ways that actually release the tension.

     No more headaches! No more pain! Thank you with all my heart Nadine!”

Laurie Corelle
Watertown, MA