Somatic Yoga


Somatic Yoga is a gentle practice done slowly and mindfully. The emphasis is on doing yoga from a first-person perspective with knowledge and awareness. Somatic Yoga, developed by Eleanor Criswell, is a unique approach to yoga that blends somatics (mindbody integration), Hatha yoga, and Raja yoga (Patanjali’s yoga). It is based on the principles of somatics, yoga, neuroscience (especially the somatic nervous system), applied psychophysiology, and psychology.  Somatic Yoga is concerned with the evolution of the person-mind, body, and spirit. It is predicated on sensing your somatic self and your life’s work.


Goals:  Relaxation

                     Peace of mind



                                                 Emotional stability     

                                                         Increased intelligence

                                                                   Increased capacity for love

                                                                             Physical and psychosomatic health

I offer private and semi-private classes. Students have reported a deeper understanding of their own yogic tradition, and an ability to more deeply sense every part of the movement rather than rushing into or yanking themselves into an asana. Another benefit is that with increased awareness comes increased control and flexibility.

 Classes include a Somatic warm up, exploration of asanas, breathing, meditation, and progressive relaxation. Call to find out when the next series of classes begins!