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My Path

I am a Hanna Somatic Educator, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and life long dancer. After twenty years of sitting with clients in my psychotherapy practice, I had developed deep chronic pain in my back, hips and shoulders. It was only through Hanna Somatic Education that I was able to resolve my frozen shoulder and sciatic nerve issues. I want to bring the same relief to others suffering from chronic pain that I have experienced.

I bring a sensitivity to my Hanna Somatic Education practice through my study of coaching, Level I & II CranioSacral therapy, and certificates in Tai Qi from the Still Mountain School and existential psychology from Dr. Salvadore Roquet. I have studied and performed modern dance with Anne Tolbert at Wheaton College and Claire Mallardi at Radcliffe College and have a personal understanding of the body and how it moves.

My Practice: Hanna Somatic Education

Hanna Somatic Education works with the breath and a series of gentle and powerful movements to teach people how to change the message their central nervous system is sending their muscles, releasing chronic tension, resolving aches and pains. Only you know your body from the inside, somatically. Somatic Education engages the client in a guided self-exploration of his or her own unique blueprint for self-healing. It is a restorative and life enhancing practice.

If you have a question or want to set up an initial session, please call me at 617-939-4581 or send me an email on the Contact page. Offices in Cambridge & Watertown.



My specialties include:

Improve sleep
Ease breathing
Improve posture
Release chronic pain
Improve body awareness
Increase freedom of movement