Canine Hanna Somatics

stockvault-solo-the-askal124201 “muscular relief for your dog”


 A hands-on body-oriented modality that helps your dog feel better: after vaccination,  surgery, a  broken bone, fall, with acute or chronic joint or spinal issues. We will work on a mat on the floor, your dog on her back, her head cradled on your lap. I will slowly and gently move her legs, arms and spine. Most dogs whimper with pleasure and sometimes even seem to go to sleep, marking the release of deeply held muscle tension.

The first session is a time for you to introduce me to your dog. During this initial 30-minute session, I will do a visual assessment, palpation (touch) assessment, walking assessment, and hands-on work. You will learn to do the Somatic movements, so that you can continue your progress together at home. 

We can meet in your home, 20 mile radius from Cambridge or at M.A.S.H. in Hopkinton.

Initial 30-minute session: $65.

20-minute sessions: $45.


                             I look forward to meeting you and your canine friend ~






“Thank you so much for sharing the movements of Canine Hanna Somatics with me. Pumpkin, my Dachshund – Chihuahua, was paralyzed and could not move her back legs due to injuring her spine when she jumped off the couch. Her doctor put her on anti inflammation medicine which was helping but it was working slowly, and she was swaying, dragging her feet and was very hesitant when she walked. After using Canine Hanna Somatic movements she rapidly gained balance and range of movement. Now we have to hold her back from jumping and playing too hard! Not only did it help her get back to normal, it has provided a time when we can bond and snuggle. “