for out-of-towners



    Jumpstart or re-jumpstart your Hanna Somatics Practice with a 3-DAY INTENSIVE at my in-home office in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Cambridge is a world-class destination. When not in session, roam Harvard Square, experience exotic cuisines, sit at an outdoor café, and perhaps, see a classic film at the Brattle Cinema, or walk along the Charles River, or around Fresh Pond or at Mount Auburn Cemetery, a birder’s paradise. There is a Whole Foods, fine motel and Bed & Breakfast options nearby, and off-street parking on our private way.

       We will meet for a 2-hour session each day. During your first session you will receive a full assessment: with somatic history, visual, palpation, and gait assessments. During the first hour of each session you will learn the floor-based Daily Cat Stretch movements, so you can continue the progress you’ve made when you return home. The second hour will be a table session, in which you will experience the miracle of pandiculation, Thomas Hanna’s brainchild for releasing muscle tension.


Tuesday, Day 1, Morning Session: 10 – 12 noon

Wednesday, Day 2, Afternoon Session: 2 – 4 PM

Thursday, Day 3, Morning Session: 10 – 12 noon


Please contact me about a free phone consultation to discuss whether an Intensive would be a good choice for you, and perhaps, schedule a time to experience one.